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New Space



We have a new space that we need to fill with our hydroponic systems. With a blank canvas in front of us, we are looking to our community to invest in making this canvas a masterpiece that will improve the way St. Louis eats!

We have plans to turn the space above into a thriving, hydroponic indoor farm. With this big goal, our small team of three people will be putting in work around our full-time day jobs to get this space operational before we need to plant for our highest demand season - winter. We will put in the time and effort to make this unconventional space into a healthy, safe environment to grow and process food for our community. However, this all costs a great deal of money to get into the shape it needs to be in for this goal to become a reality. Please consider helping us with a donation today. Even the smallest donation goes a long way in improving the St. Louis community and helping us increase access to nutrient rich produce in an urban environment. 

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Thank you for your support!


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