Help support our community in an environmentally sustainable, socially conscious, and fiscally lucrative enterprise.

We're Hiring!

St. Louis Indoor Produce (S.L.I.P.) is an urban agriculture startup located in Old North St. Louis. We specialize in hydroponics - the cultivation of produce in a soil-free, indoor environment. As our customer base is starting to grow, we are in need of talented, innovative, driven individuals who are willing to put in a few hours every week to help run the business. Be ready to hit the ground hustling, because there’s a lot to do and you’ll be wearing a lot of hats!

Open Positions

Grant Writing Intern

  • Help Identify a list of potential investors and grants to apply for.

  • Select the best venues for additional funding and draft first grant proposals.

  • Identify different events to attend and plan potential fundraisers/collaborations.


Don’t see your major represented? No worries! If you have another idea on how to contribute, we want to hear about it. Pitch us your proposal today!

 If interested please send an email to with your name, degree, area of interest, and resume.