Plant science is providing innovative and better food solutions, while making a difference in the community and taking care of our planet. Will you embark on the adventure to impact your world?

Environmentally Sustainable, Fiscally Lucrative, Community Centric

Community HEALTH

  • No pesticides or preservatives

  • Reduction of food deserts

  • Fresh produce year round

  • Makes fresh and local produce accessible to all communities

  • Produce reaches consumer faster and more efficiently

Economic HEALTH

  • Indoor farms can operate year round, reducing dependency on imported produce from other states, keeping taxes local

  • Plant science continues to attract bright professionals and young scientists to our area
  • Repurposed infrastructure is now providing our community with jobs and revenue 

Environmental Health

  • Conserves forests and natural landscape

  • Water conservation

  • Reduced emissions from truck delivery and importation of produce

Farm smart, save water, save land, save lives
— Dickson Despommier, PhD Columbia University