Who We Are

SLIP is an innovative start-up comprised of three St. Louis entrepreneurs who envision a healthier and more abundant future for our city, through agro-tech, urban revitalization, and ecological and social responsibility.

Hydroponic grow systems create local resources for fresh produce across the world, and SLIP is proud to make farm-to-table basil a reality for the St. Louis community.

What We’ve Done

  • Installed a hydroponics grow display and supplied kale and strawberries to City Greens Market

  • Educated youth groups on the benefits of hydroponics indoor farming solutions

  • Developed our own liquid-cooling, patent-pending LED grow lights

  • Set up micro-grow spaces in Old North and South City

What We’re Doing

  • We’re moving into the Greencubator in May 2019, a revitalized factory-turned-grow space.

  • As of June 1, 2019, we’ll be planting and growing!

  • We’re connecting our extensive relationships in local restaurants and grocers.

  • We’ll offer tours and field trips at the space, increasing educational access and skill-sharing in the region.

We’re expanding to 500 towers of basil by 2020.

Be a part of our launch year as a client, investor, or for an educational experience.

Hydroponic set up
Farm smart: save water, save land, save lives.
— Dickson Despommier, PhD Columbia University

Hydroponics 101

Hydroponics is an agricultural method enabling us to grow plants without soil, indoors with nutrient-rich water, growlights, and climate controls. Plants need a few things to grow and thrive: water, circulating air with plenty of CO2, the nutrition of the sun, and the nutrition of the soil. With indoor hydroponic growing, we create all the ideal conditions for growing food.

Hydroponics offers a controlled, indoor environment, increasing our yields without the stresses of weather and pests — which also means we need far less chemicals to keep our plants healthy. The nutrition of the sun is replaced with LED growlights, and fans and cooling keep our air moving and clean.

Our water is a perfectly balanced, pH-adjusted nutrient solution, delivered right to the roots (where the name “hydro” comes from). SLIP uses a recirculating vertical Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) — our vertical growth system allows us to grow large amounts of produce within a very limited amount of space.

Our educational event installation, 2018

Our educational event installation, 2018

The process

The nutrient film technique (NFT) involves a small, shallow stream of nutrient-rich water, recirculated over roots through a channel, gutter, or tube.

  • Recirculated water reduces environmental footprint, saving between 70-90%.

  • Promotes faster growth cycle, increasing annual yields

  • Saves space, maximizing resources

  • Growing indoors allows outdoor spaces to re-wild and recover from humankind’s massive agricultural footprint.


The equipment

Vertical Growing Modules

  • Seedlings are transplanted into towers and fed targeted liquid nutrients, through constantly moving water

Home-Made Light Rack

  • LEDs emit custom color wavelengths ideal for plant growth

Timers and Sensors

  • Controls watering/feeding cycles, promoting more vigorous growth