Venkat Papolu

Venkat founded St. Louis Indoor Produce. He is very passionate about how we produce and cultivate our food, and he is constantly trying to improve methods that will better help our community and planet as a whole. Venkat is a Saint Louis University graduate, and he has built much of the infrastructure and equipment for SLIP.

Matt McWilliams

Matt is co-founder, electrician, and engineering consultant for SLIP. He specializes in improving overall system efficiency by implementing liquid-cooled LED grow lighting systems. Matt values developing cooperative partnerships between local indoor produce growers. 

Matt McWilliams

Bailey Mitchell

Bailey is the social media marketing coordinator and warehouse design consultant for SLIP. Bailey planned and constructed our newest indoor farm at Good Life Growing in Old North St. Louis.  He believes hydroponic farming is the future of farming and will help mitigate climate change and urban food deserts.