Venkat Papolu

Venkat is the CEO and co-founder of SLIP. He is very passionate about how we produce and cultivate our food, dedicated to improving growing methods to help our community and planet as a whole. Venkat is a Saint Louis University graduate in Business, and has built infrastructure and equipment for SLIP.

Matt McWilliams

Matt is CTO and co-founder of SLIP. He’s an electrician specializing in system efficiency, and has developed liquid-cooled LED grow lighting systems. Matt values developing cooperative partnerships between local indoor produce growers. 

Matt McWilliams

Olivia Engel

Olivia is CCO of SLIP, former Production Manager of the hydroponic Maryville Freight Farm. She’s worked in St. Louis restaurants and cafes, Seattle farmers markets, and launched the Green Dining Alliance out of its pilot phase until 2015, where she was a sustainability auditor and consultant for area restaurants. Olivia’s dedicated to creating a thriving, resilient, and just food community in the St. Louis area.